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Shinji with DSS Choker

The DSS Chocker around Shinji's neck

The DSS Choker (Deification Shutdown System Choker) is a collar developed by WILLE which was placed around the neck of Shinji Ikari after the recovery of Evangelion Unit-01.

After the recovery of the Unit-01 by Asuka and the extraction of Shinji from the Core, the collar is fitted around his neck as a result of his actions that led to the Third Impact. Its primary function is to kill him if he loses control of his emotions again leading to the awakening of an Eva like during his fight with the Tenth Angel.

This necklace is connected by a coded detonator that Captain Katsuragi holds.

Kaworu Nagisa is later able to remove it from Shinji's neck and place it on his own in order to gain Shinji's trust. During the Fourth Impact, the collar activates around Kaworu's neck, generating some sort of floating cubes that converge upon his neck, thus killing him.

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