Title I Ea
Title II "Love is Destructive"
Lilith close-up (Episode 25')
Directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki
Written by Hideaki Anno
Air Date Jul 19, 1997
Episode 24
Episode 26'

"Air" is episode 25' of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It aired as a corresponding "replacement" episode for Episode 25; along with Episode 26', the two combined to make up The End of Evangelion.


With the Angels defeated, Commander Gendo Ikari and SEELE finally break their relationship and Gendo attempts to start Third Impact with Rei and the Angel Lilith in Terminal Dogma. SEELE orders the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Forces (JSSDF) to attack Tokyo-3 and NERV Headquarters, culminating in vaporizing Tokyo-3 with an N² mine. Asuka uses Unit-02 to repulse the JSSDF's attack on NERV, prompting SEELE to retaliate by sending in the nine Mass Production Evangelions, Units 05 through 13, to fight Unit-02. Meanwhile, Misato rescues Shinji from advancing JSSDF troops and brings him safely to Unit-01, but is mortally wounded. Ritsuko tries to initiate NERV HQ's self-destruct as an act of petty revenge against Gendo, but it doesn't work, at which point Gendo fatally shoots her. In a spectacular heated battle, a reawakened Asuka is able to defeat all of the MP Evangelions, but Unit-02's batteries run out, and the MP Evangelions reactivate despite their wounds because they are fitted with S² Engines. The MP Evangelions proceed to eviscerate Unit-02. Shinji leaves the Geofront in Unit-01 and, upon seeing the remains of Unit-02, loses his last hold on sanity.


Shinji with comatose Asuka (EoE)

Shinji with the comatose Asuka

Beginning shortly after the end of the twenty-fourth episode of the Neon Genesis Evangelion television series, Shinji is still despondent over the death of Kaworu Nagisa and goes to the comatose Asuka, pleading for help from her. Angrily shaking her for a response, he accidentally takes off her hospital gown, revealing her breasts and panties (over which he masturbates, to his own self disgust).

With the Angels gone, and Gendo's betrayal to their plans uncovered, the secret organization SEELE begins to hack into NERV's Magi system using other five Magi systems (from Matsushiro, USA, Germany, and China), forcing Gendo to ask Ritsuko to install a defensive firewall in order to block the hacking. SEELE then orders the JSSDF's forces to initiate a large-scale assault on NERV Headquarters. The JSSDF soldiers penetrate into NERV's facilities and begin ruthlessly following SEELE's orders to execute all NERV personnel, including all non-combatants and even those trying to surrender; top priority is given to the execution of the Eva pilots and the capture of the Evangelions. Thus, Asuka was put in Evangelion Unit-02 inside the lake of the GeoFront to assure her safety, but Shinji who didn't listen to the alert, stayed put and didn't get inside Evangelion Unit-01.

Misato Katsuragi rescues and recovers Shinji from under a flight of stairs to have him pilot Unit-01. She fights her way past JSSDF soldiers and is able to bring Shinji to the EVA's bay doors, but is mortally wounded in the process. She manages to convince Shinji to keep going and pilot the EVA one more time. Misato kisses Shinji, and tells him "That was an adult kiss, we'll do the rest when you get back." With her last breaths, Misato wonders if Kaji believes she has done the right thing. A brief image of Rei is then seen standing over her body before the area is destroyed.

Asuka blood

Asuka after incapacitating the first Mass Production Evangelion

Meanwhile, Asuka is hidden away in the sunken Unit-02, but she is still unable to activate it. The JSSDF begins to throw depth charge on Unit-02, frightening Asuka after she felt the threat of death and begins saying "I don't want to die". Realizing that her mother's soul was inside her Eva all the time, Asuka returns back to herself and reactivates Unit-02 and destroys the JSSDF attack force's aircraft and ground vehicles. SEELE, enraged of the interruption of their plans, send the Mass Production Evangelions, piloted by the Dummy plugs, to eliminate Unit-02. Asuka succeeds in disabling SEELE's Evas but the severing of Unit-02's external power cable, makes Asuka unable to move after her battery runs out of power along with the MP Evangelions reactivating due to their S² Engines, cause her to be defeated as the EVAs prove to be far more resilient than they first appear. Shinji is unable to join the battle after he finds that his EVA is encased in Bakelite, making it impossible for him to enter it. However, the EVA's bond to Shinji allows the EVA to break through the Bakelite by itself, allowing Shinji to enter the EVA. Shinji was able to reach the GeoFront, but he was too late, since Unit-02 was eviscerated by the MP Evangelion. Shinji screams in horror as SEELE's version of Third Impact begins.


  • SEELE member: "The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth."
  • Asuka: "I don't want to die..."
  • Misato (after kissing Shinji): "This is an adult kiss. Let's do the rest when you come back".

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