Title I Magokoro o, kimi ni
"Sincerely Yours"
Title II "ONE MORE FINAL: I need you."
Evangelion Unit 01 with hair (EoE)
Directed by Hideaki Anno
Written by Hideaki Anno
Air Date Jul 19, 1997
Episode 25'

"Sincerely Yours" is episode 26' of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It aired as a corresponding "replacement" episode for Episode 26, along with Episode 25' , the two of which combined make up The End of Evangelion.


Gendo starts Third Impact with Rei, but she rejects him and merges with Lilith to become a god-like being. The Mass Production Evangelions crucify Unit-01 with their Spear of Longinus replicas, and centering around the Rei/Lilith being create an Anti A.T. Field which spreads over the entire world, reducing everyone to the primordial ooze of LCL, merging into a single super-being as all souls merge. In a surreal sequence (in which Shinji imagines himself in different scenarios interacting with the people he has come to know and care about during his time as an Eva pilot), Shinji discusses with Rei and Kaworu about his life's meaning and what he truly wants, and after talking with the soul of his mother in Unit-01, decides to reject Instrumentality, accepting individual existence and the possibility of pain over the painless loss of identity. He is told all living things will have the choice of returning to individual existence, if they can remember it. The Rei/Lilith being and the Mass Production Evangelions die. In the end, Shinji wakes up on the beach of the Sea of LCL, which has formed over Earth, and finds that Asuka is lying next to him, inexplicably alive, her injuries sustained during her battle with the Mass-Production Evangelions covered in bandages. Shinji, still in an emotionally fragile state, chokes the seemingly catatonic Asuka, but stops himself when she reaches up her bandaged arm to touch his cheek. He then breaks down completely, sobbing uncontrollably as he hunches over her. Asuka looks at the sky for several moments before turning her gaze towards the weeping Shinji. Regarding him coldly with her one good eye, she faintly mutters "How disgusting.". The story ends at this point, with the message "Fin" appearing at the bottom of the screen, leaving the fates of Shinji, Asuka, and the rest of humanity unresolved.


Rei before Lilith (EoE)

Rei floating to Lilith

While NERV collapses, Gendo Ikari brings Rei Ayanami, to the chamber holding Lilith but finds that Ritsuko Akagi is waiting for them. After attempting to reprogram the MAGI to stop Gendo, she finds that one of the MAGI, Casper, has betrayed her, much to Ritsuko's horror. Gendo kills Ritsuko and attempts to implement his own version of Instrumentality/Third Impact to reunite with his wife by merging the embryonic Adam (bonded to his right hand) with Rei Ayanami (the current vessel of Lilith's soul, whose body is the giant in the same room). However, Rei takes over the process and reunites with Lilith, who finally regains her soul, and creates a planet-wide Anti-A.T. Field, negating the A.T. Fields of all of humanity and causing their bodies to dissolve into LCL. The souls of all human beings are absorbed into the Egg of Lilith, a giant dark sphere cradled by Lilith/Rei, as she grows into a supreme being of size comparable to the Earth itself.

Shinji strangle Asuka (EoE)

Shinji strangles Asuka

As the souls form a single, complemented existence, Lilith/Rei gives control of the process to Shinji. At first, Shinji's emotional sufferings and loneliness prompt him to accept this new form, believing that there could never be happiness in the real world. He later recognizes, after a series of mental journeys and monologues, that it is necessary to live with others, and that to live life is to experience joy as well as pain. This constitutes a rejection of the goal of Instrumentality/Third Impact and Lilith/Rei decays and dies, releasing the Anti-AT Field and allowing separate beings to potentially come back into existence. In the final scene, Asuka and Shinji are shown to have rematerialized from the sea of LCL together on a beach looking out on the severed head of Lilith/Rei and the apocalyptic landscape.


  • Fuyutsuki: "The Seed of Life...and the Seed of Wisdom have been both acquired by Eva Unit 01. It is now equal to God. Will it be an ark to save humanity from the nihil of the Third Impact...or become a demon to annihilate humanity? Our future is up to Ikari's son."
  • Asuka: "How disgusting" (alt. "I feel sick").

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