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Evangelion Unit-13 (第13号機[?], "Dai Juusangōki", lit. "Thirteenth Unit") is one of the new Evangelion Units in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, piloted by both Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa in an attempt to fix the world.


The Unit is deployed together with Evangelion Mark 09 by NERV, as a tool to aid Shinji and Kaworu to retrieve the Spear of Longinus and the Spear of Cassius in Central Dogma.

However, soon after they entered Central Dogma, they're attacked by Asuka in her Eva-02'γ with Mari in her Eva-08β as her support. Unit-13 fights back using its RS Hoppers and, with the help of the Mark.09, manages to reach the Spears of Longinus and pull them from Lilith's corpse and the Evangelion Mark.06. This awakes the Twelfth Angel which was inside the Mark.06. Unit-13 begins to act on its own as it eats the Angel and awakes, becoming a Radiant Giant and rising at high speed from Central Dogma in the process. This starts the Fourth Impact.

Despite a ramming attack from the AAA Wunder, the Unit doesn't shut down. Kaworu has to make the Eva impale itself with both Spears and to sacrifice himself with the DSS Choker. This incapacitates the Eva but does not end its Awakened state, as Mari has to forcefully eject Shinji's Entry Plug to terminate the Fourth Impact and turn off the unit completely, at the cost of destroying the hands of her Eva (and burning her hands in the process).

The unresponsive Eva is seen crashing on the Earth, with Gendo and Fuyutsuki commenting as to everything went according to the plan with Kaworu dead and Unit-13 awakened.


In terms of its overall appearance, Evangelion Unit-13 is near-identical to its predecessor Evangelion Unit-01. However, it has several (if minor) aesthetical differences. While it mostly maintains the green, purple and black color scheme, the green highlights are much less prominent, replaced with a few pale yellow ones on its knees and forearms and a much higher spread of purple and black across its body. Also the entirety of its body has more detailed and segmented plates across it, and the armor in its legs has been completely redesigned, with slightly wider, almost square-shaped hips, larger knee pads and heel-like foot covers. Its helmet design still retains the ceratopsid dinosaur-like appearance, though in a much more detailed fashion, its horn is designed in crooked way and it has four glowing, bright yellow eyes, with equally colored lines coming from each eye. Another key difference, is the black, cross-shaped chest piece, with two red circles on top.  

Another major difference compared to other Eva units is Unit 13's massive size, as it towered over Eva-02'γ, with the latter reaching the former's elbows in height at best. 

When entering in its Awakened state, its eyes and various highlights turn red, its center piece collapses and unveils a second set of arms and its pylons explode, revealing two crystallized wing-like appendages. It also assumes the appearance of a giant of light, similar to Unit-01 and the Adams, though it also manifests two Halos.


Unlike other Evangelion units, Unit-13 has displayed several unique features. One of its more prominent ones is that it requires the use of two Entry Plugs (as two souls are necessary to wield this Eva and two Spears at the same time). Though it requires two pilots, it's control system can be changed to give full control to a single pilot. Its physical strength is also noteworthy, as it was able to overpower and toss Unit-02' around despite the fact that Shinji was fighting defensively against Asuka. Another interesting fact it that it does not appear to have any energy cable or battery of any kind, attached to it, implying that this unit must be powered by an S² Engine.

Also, unique to Unit-13 is that it does not possess any A.T. Field at all like the other Eva or the Angels (as demonstrated when Unit-08 shot it with a special Anti-A.T. Field Ammunition; Unit-13 deployed no A.T. Field and instead the bullets disintegrated on contact with its body). Instead, four drones housed in the containers of the Eva's shoulder pylons (two containers on each shoulder pylon) generate an energy barrier very similar to an A.T. Field. These jellyfish-like drones, called "RS Hoppers"[1], can either be used as either defensive or offensive weapons, depending on the situation. This unit also has an extra set of fully functional arms, kept locked across it's chest, that can be released and gives this Eva the physical strength required to wield two Spears of Longinus.

Much like Unit-01, Unit-13 is capable of entering an Awakened state and becoming a Giant of Light, when consuming an Angel's core. This led Mari to theorize that this unit is in fact one of the surviving Adams. The unit itself is much more resilient to damage, able to withstand a full assault from the AAA Wunder, Unit-02' and Unit-08, with virtually no damage. It's also much more difficult to stop the Eva in this state than it was with Unit-01, as it took it being stabbed with both Spears of Longinus, and having both its pilots disabled before it was finally de-activated.


Eva Unit 08

Unit-08 as seen during the 3.0 preview

While Unit-13 itself was never shown in the preview at the end of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, the role of the Unit-08 seen in the preview as an awakening Evangelion has visibly been switched to the Unit-13 over the course of the writing of the final script for the movie.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems that the numerical designation of this EVA, 13, was eerily prophetic, as the 13th Arcana is death, and this is the EVA in which Kaworu dies.


  1. The name of the drones can be seen on a monitor inside Shinji's Entry Plug, shortly after Asuka destroyed them in her Evangelion Unit-02'γ.