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Angels (portal)Edit

Short blurb about them with a picture to the right or possibly a banner.

Who are they?Edit

Link to main page for Angels, or incorporate that page's info into this new one.

Neon Genesis EvangelionEdit

List the Angels from the series with a picture for each.

Rebuild of EvangelionEdit

List the exclusive Rebuild Angels with a picture for each.

Extracanonical AngelsEdit

Diemay, others like the one from the saturn game or the proposal. Pictures.

Where do they come from?Edit

Seed of Life, First Ancestral Race, Black Moon, White Moon, First Impact, (representative picture for section)

How do they work?Edit

S2 Engine, Core, Wings of Light, Second Impact, Third Impact, AT Field, Blood type Maybe little 1-2 sentence descriptions of each to link it to the section. Like the main music page. (representative picture)