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Marie Vincennes
Maria Vincennes
Affiliation(s) NERV
Rank/Title Fourth Child
Age 14
Known Relatives N/A
First Appearance Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper
Seiyū None
Voice Actors NoneEng

Marie Vincennes is a character from a card based role playing game. She is an American Eva pilot, but lacks any actual battle experience. A prodigy with a P.H.D., she acts meek and polite, but in actuality is haughty and domineering. Something of a reverse on Asuka's personality.


  • Vincennes is the name of four different U.S. naval vessels, all of which are no longer in service.
  • The RPG game from which she originates only goes up until the Tenth Angel, Sahaquiel, following the story before diverging into two Angels designed solely for the game. Without Unit-03 becoming Bardiel, it stands to reason for the purposes of the game, Marie is the Fourth Child and not Toji Suzuhara.
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