Makoto Terada (Mugihito), Keel Lorenz seiyu

Makoto Terada (寺田 誠 Terada Makoto, born August 8, 1944), better known by his stage name of Mugihito (麦人) is a Japanese voice and stage actor from Musashino, Tokyo. He is employed by Media Force. Mugihito was formerly credited under his birth name and also Mugihito Amachi (天地 麦人 Amachi Mugihito). He is the younger brother of Michie Terada.

A selection of other characters voiced by MugihitoEdit

Basilisk as Tenkai Nankobo

Crest of the Stars as Sluf

Rurouni Kenshin as Shibata

Irresponsible Captain Tylor as Vice Admiral Mifune

Urusei Yatsura as Mendou's father

Max Anarchy as Douglas Williamsburg

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