The Red Cross Book (RCB) is the unofficial name of a Japanese pamphlet that was sold in theaters to viewers who came to see The End of Evangelion. The book is printed on A-4 sized paper, with the cover consisting of a red Georgian cross over a black background and the film's title printed on it.

The book is essentially a canon glossary, authored by Gainax and various members of both the Evangelion TV series and film staff, of many of the terms used in the TV series, manga, and the two films to introduce The End of Evangelion's background to unfamiliar audiences. Also included are an interview with deputy director Kazuya Tsurumaki, a listing of seiyū and brief essays written by them on their respective characters, short biographical sketches, commentary on the TV series and production of the movies, and a "Notes" section covering the setting of the movies.


A translation was made from the original scans of the book. Blank white pages are omitted.

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