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Rei Six
Rei 6
Affiliation(s) NERV
Age 7 Years Old (body age)
Known Relatives Yui Ikari (derivative)
Shinji Ikari (blood relative)
Rei No. Trois (clone/sibling)
Rei Quatre (clone/sibling)
Rei Cinq (clone/sibling)
First Appearance Neon Genesis EVANGELION (3 Years After) -ANIMA-

Rei Six is a fictional character from the Evangelion -ANIMA- continuity. She pilots the EVA0.0 [Six].

In Evangelion -ANIMA-, several other Ayanami clones appear. They were produced at the same time and have nearly identical figures and appearances. The sixth clone, Rei Six, is the most young-looking of the clones.

Six was specifically developed for zero gravity engagement. Although the Ayanami series clones produced at NERV didn't develop self-awareness, being remotely controlled by the original Rei via a mental link, Six began to develop a unstable personality after Rei Quatre's mind contamination.

She is good friends with Mari, having similar ages. She also appears to have a brother-sister relationship with Tōji (which became essential to counterbalance Six's unstable mentality). Misato nicknamed Six "Chiba-nami" due to her young appearance.

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