Hello and Welcome to my first blog post!

Well, since I have seen the work on this Wiki, I liked the work to be more known in between the users, and if you haven't liked the idea, I won't go with it.

The idea is that everyone put what he wants to work on in this Wiki, not generally, but like i.e. me, I would like to be in charge of editing the Episodes (Writing Synopsis).

Other things I would like you to be in charge of:

  • Manga chapters
  • Expanding the small categories i.e. Places, Crew...
  • Bifurcation of crowded articles

and other things you might want to add, you can write it because those things aren't the only things we need, so this site can expand.

Hope you can tell me about your opinions!

Thank you MTN1996 08:12, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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