The Maverick013

aka Luis

  • I live in Honduras
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • The Maverick013

    So, i've been a little busy this week and thought i should share this to make up for my lack of activity. This is...exactly what it says in the tin.

    Any thoughts?

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  • The Maverick013

    Just in case someone hasn't watched it yet, here's a link. It has some Eva-related images. Opinions, anyone?

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  • The Maverick013

    So, just in case someone hasn't heard of it, Hideaki Anno will be voicing the main character from the new Ghibli movie "Kaze Tachinu". If you can read Japanese, the info should be available here. Now i so want to see that movie in Japanese.

    Here is the man, voice acting. Anyone has an opinion of this?

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  • The Maverick013

    Hello and welcome to my first blog! having some free time on the recent days, i surfed the web in search for Evangelion related stuff, what i found is a bunch of Angel images and artworks. The first set is a group of unused conceptual art of Lilith, each made fom a different member of the staff. I must admit that Lilith looks very creepy on these:

    If you can read Kana, then you can see that in one of the artworks, the thing on the Angel's "neck" is called: "Giji Entoriipuragu" Entry Plug?! in an Angel?! check the last screenshot, it even has a red and a blue cable. AND if you zoom enough, what's on its/his head? Seele's logo! Do they want to pilot an Angel? Here's a translation i found:

    やはり口からどくえきか? Venom comes out of the mouth?

    コア Core


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