Hello and welcome to my first blog! having some free time on the recent days, i surfed the web in search for Evangelion related stuff, what i found is a bunch of Angel images and artworks. The first set is a group of unused conceptual art of Lilith, each made fom a different member of the staff. I must admit that Lilith looks very creepy on these:

Even if none of these was used on the final product, it seems clear to me that the designers were "toying" with the idea of something coming out from Lilith's torso. The Lilith on 2.0 has a very notorious scar on its/her chest, covered with little crosses. But there's more, on the Evageeks forums there's an image that clearly shows the Seele's logo, on Lilith's eyes:

Interesting eh? now let's check the Third Angel:

If you can read Kana, then you can see that in one of the artworks, the thing on the Angel's "neck" is called: "Giji Entoriipuragu" Entry Plug?! in an Angel?! check the last screenshot, it even has a red and a blue cable. AND if you zoom enough, what's on its/his head? Seele's logo! Do they want to pilot an Angel? Here's a translation i found:

やはり口からどくえきか? Venom comes out of the mouth?

コア Core

ぎじエントリープラグ Psuedo-Entry Plug

内ぞう部? S2きかん? Internal organs? S2 engine?

大型きゅうりゅうみたく フリばし式で バランスとっている。 [?] It balances itself "furibashi" style.

ほかく、ふういんされていた。 そのさい、必要な部位外は 全て--> It has been captured, sealed. In this regard, everything that is not a necessary part -->

他の部位入れ--> 解体されて保存されている。 Other parts in here --> They have been dismantled and stored.

Kitoh Drawings

エントリープラグ 外装。 Entry Plug exterior

骨格パーツ Parts of skeleton

下アゴ、取り外させる。 Lower jaw, detached.

もとの手 上腕骨。 Original arm Humerus.

スキンスーツ 未着用 状態。 Without its "skinsuit."

もとの足 大腿骨部 Original leg Section of femur

胴体 下面のみ 外骨格がある かんじ。 Body - undersurface only It's like it has an exoskeleton.

胴体 スキンスーツ 着用。 Body with its "skinsuit."

21節 (エントリープラグ ユニット含む) 21 sections (including entry plug unit)

背骨ユニット共通 (エントリープラグ部を のぞく) Common spine unit [?] (excluding entry plug)

21節 21 sections

11節 基本セキツイパーツから 徐々に高[??]へっていきます。 11 sections [???] from parts of the original spine.

スキンスーツ 未着用状態。 Body without its "skinsuit."

Commentary From Designers

Oh, by the way, have you ever noticed this:

  • First Angel:Adams
  • Second Angel:Lilith
  • Clone:Eva
  • Third Angel:A SERPENT-like Angel

Well, what do you think?

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