If anyone has heard of the game Team Fortress 2 , you should know that the
game's medic class is also is smart but madly crazy person from Germany like Asuka in the Rebuild canon and I think this is genetic implying that the Medic may have been either in a relationship or is/or was married to the Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu (or Shikinami) of that timeline (and yes I know it may not be possible due to that game being set in the 1970's and Evangelion being set in 2015, well after that game's timeline) but these are some facts that may help this theory.
  • Both characters are often found found together with one character (The Medic with the Heavy, and Asuka with Shinji).
  • They are of German decent.
  • They are known to be cocky and often scold their teammates for a failure.
  • They face emotional depression when continuously faced with unwinnable situations.
  • Their true sanity is often at question.
  • They secretly care for their teammates.
  • They have been known by their teammates for doing things no sane person would ever do.
  • Their colors are often involved with red (red is the Medic's official colors by TF2's developers).
  • They have a secret but supposedly terrible past.  

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